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PDSA:  Charts/Templates - Examples
SIP School Improvement Templates

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District & School Improvement Documents

District Boundary/Enrollment Study Information

New!  Staff Development Evaluation Form

Balanced Score Card- This is the CRCSD Balanced Score Card.  It is intended to measure the goals of the District Strategic Plan.

Building Leadership Teams - Flow Chart (Integrated Model) - This is a flow chart that shows how building leadership teams can be structured and organized to carry out the SIP plan through the utilization of Action Research Teams

District Strategic Plan on a Page

School Plan on a Page sample created in WORD can be created at your school
Word template
School Plan on a Page   created as .pdf  from production   Send job ticket and text to  production to have your school Plan on a Page.

Planning Templates This site contains planning templates to assist users in writing SMART Goals, Action Plans, Operational Definitions, SIP Templates, Plan on a Page examples, ect.)

PDSA, SDSA or Benchmarking?  Review the flowchart!

SIP Streamlined School Improvement Plan Template
SIP 07-08 Template w/ staff development calendar

05-06 IRPE Application- This is the Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence application that was submitted in August 2005.

Data Driven Decision Making- Information- This site contains resources and files to assist in data driven decision making.

SIP-Constant Conversations for Student Benefit
This document displays the latest Comprehensive School Improvement Process questions currently being used by the school board in preparing its CSIP plan.

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Action Research Team Documents/Templates

PDSA Charts   

Action Research Guides/PDSA:

AR/PDSA documents & templates

5 Competencies of ART (PDF)
This document identifies the five competencies of a high- performing action research team in the CRCSD.

Action Research Case Studies:
Writing: Fourth Grade Case Study (Complete PDSA Example) (PDF)
Writing: Fourth Grade Case Study Presentation (PDF)
Writing: Case Study Summary (PDF)

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